Saturday, June 15, 2019

What I've Been Reading - June 2019

I’ve been too busy writing (and finalizing stuff to do with my new Regency romance) to read much, but I have a few good reads to share.

First, I was lucky enough to learn about a free download from Ashley Gardner/Jennifer Ashley, Past Crimes. It includes three novellas, each of which introduces a different series. My favorite was the first one, A Soupçon of Poison. The main character, Kat Holloway, is the cook in a wealthy Victorian-era household. She’s a wonderful character, a joy to read, and her counterpart, a mysterious male, is delightfully intriguing. After reading the novella, I went straight on to read the first full-length book in the series, Death Below Stairs. Also an excellent read! I will definitely go on to enjoy more of this series.

The other two series Ms. Gardner introduces are intriguing, too. The second novella takes place in Ancient Rome, another era I like to read about. The hero is a retired gladiator, and his female counterpart is brilliant. I hope this develops into a long series. The third novella intros the Captain Lacey series, of which I’ve read and enjoyed a few. Anyway, do download Past Crimes, which hopefully will still be free for a while.

Second, Acqua Alta by Donna Leon happened to be on special, so I snapped it up. Her Commissario Brunetti series takes place in Venice, and the city itself is pretty much a character in the series. I was extremely lucky to be given one of her mysteries to read while I was actually in Venice on holiday years ago. I love learning something new when reading fiction, and with each book I learn something fascinating about Venice. This one is about forgery of ancient ceramic art, and if that’s not enough, it takes place when Venice (which already has an excess of water) is flooding. It’s suspenseful, and be warned, there are some violent bits. A gripping read for sure.

That’s it for now,

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Smuggler's Escape - Coming in July

After escaping the guillotine, Noelle de Vallon takes refuge with her aunt in England. Determined to make her own way, she joins the local smugglers, but when their plans are uncovered, Richard, Lord Boltwood steps out of the shadows to save her. Too bad he’s the last man on earth she ever wanted to see again.

Years ago, Richard Boltwood’s plan to marry Noelle was foiled when his ruthless father shipped him to the Continent to work in espionage. But with the old man at death’s door, Richard returns to England with one final mission: to catch a spy. And Noelle is the prime suspect.

Noelle needs Richard’s help, but how can she ever trust the man who abandoned her? And how can Richard catch the real culprit while protecting the woman who stole his heart and won’t forgive him for breaking hers?

Coming July 24th!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

April freebie! Lady of the Flames

Starting today, Lady of the Flames will be free on Amazon for a few days. It's a paranormal Regency romance about a perfect lady, disgraced lord, traitor, spies, magic with blades, magic with fire, and a second chance at love. (I just love second chance romances. And the importance of believing in magic!)

I also love the cover so much that I made it the background for my little online Facebook group, Barbara Monajem's Team Without a Name. All that lovely red! (My favorite color.)

Here's a quick blurb:

Years ago, Andromeda Gibbons lost her belief in both love and magic, and molded herself into a perfect—but perfectly unhappy—lady. Now, when she overhears her haughty fiancé plotting treason, she flees to Lord Fen, the one man she can trust. But taking refuge with Fen proves to mean far more than getting help. It means learning to believe in love, magic, and the real Andromeda once again.