Monday, March 21, 2011

Also -- How did I forget Eliza?

The self-promo aspect of writing is annoying enough as is -- trying to think of where to say something and where not -- but how could I have forgotten to mention this on my own neglected blog? I guess neglected is the key word here.

Notorious Eliza won the 2011 Epic e-book award for Historical Romance! Go, Eliza!

What Heroes Look Like In Your Mind and Enchilada Lasagne

I blogged today over at e-harlequin about this weighty topic and my new wallpaper guy.

Also, I made this recipe last night for a potluck. It was great. (Unless, like my dh, you don't like the corn tortillas in it. He said they reminded him of old socks. (Not the flavor, though!) I'm not usually a fan of corn tortillas either, but when they're soaked in this fabulous sauce, YUM!