Monday, July 19, 2010

Reading the Signs

No, I'm not talking about reading bones or I-Ching coins or anything remotely woo-woo, although that would probably be more appropriate, seeing as I write paranormal romance, and my characters have a whole slew of strange abilities. I'm talking about foreign languages. I love words--probably one of the reasons I write--and I love them in any language. Just recently, I visited Montreal...

To read the rest, go here. Elisabeth Naughton invited me to participate in the promo for her new release, Entwined, and let me blather on about sign-reading on her blog. She has a great contest going with prizes and all. My post is a ways down the page.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing and Reading Series

When I was invited to guest blog at Write in the Shadows, I asked my hostess, Suzanne Johnson (who has a very cool New Orleans urban fantasy series debuting next year) what I should write about. (This was laziness as much as politeness. It always kills me to come up with a topic.) She suggested that since the second book in my Bayou Gavotte series, Tastes of Love & Evil, is a September release, I might want to talk about some aspect of writing a series. I’m writing the third book now, and I’m contracted for a fourth. My deadlines are very reasonable, but still, I do feel the pressure.

Before I go further, I have to confess—as a reader, I’m not a huge series fan.

For the rest of the post, go here.