Friday, May 29, 2015

#WhyIReadHistoricals #WhyIWriteHistoricals

Today is Historical Romance Day all over the Internet. Those who love historical romance, both readers and writers, are posting memes. We're using the hashtags #whyIwritehistoricals and #whyIreadhistoricals.

(It's so hard to type those without putting spaces between the words!)

Anyway, go on Twitter or Facebook or Tumbler or wherever you hang out and get involved! Too many people haven't sampled the joy that is historicals, poor dears, so it's our job to encourage them.

(It's hard to believe, but when I was young, I thought sexiness started in the 20th century. Before that, everyone was pure. Um, no.)

Here are some #whyIreadhistoricals memes:

You'll find plenty more where readers and writers of historicals hang out. Have a happy historical day!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fave historical novels + a #giveaway of Lady of the Flames

I love recommending books! So that's what I'm doing today -- talking about some of my favorite historical novels over at Embracing Romance.

(Completely unrelated pic -- Heidelberg Castle by day)

I'm hoping for some book recommendations in return (pretty please; there can never be enough awesome books to read).

(Also unrelated -- the same castle at night)

And just because, I'm offering an e-copy of Lady of the Flames to one person who comments. Hope to see you over there!

(Last unrelated pic -- the River Neckar, again at Heidelberg, by night. Heidelberg is a lovely old university town, and we had some great food and company there last September.)


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My post at Teatime Tattler, a #giveaway, and coming soon: TRR's summer party

Today I'm the guest of the Bluestocking Belles at their Teatime Tattler. They ask for a piece of original writing, so I had fun doing this one!! It's related to Lady of the Flames, but the character who's speaking is Dunstan Tull, the compiler of an encyclopedia of not-so-mythical beings. Some of his definitions are found at the beginning of my Bayou Gavotte books, which take place 200 years later. I wonder if Dunstan is a time traveler... I'm pretty sure he has visited the house below.

The Old Hall, John Anster Fitzgerald, 1875

Thinking ahead: I will be participating in The Romance Reviews' June party, Sizzling Summer Reads. Lots of prizes!