Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Cover, and the Demon Wisteria

 Tastes of Love and Evil is Book Two of the Bayou Gavotte Series, due out August 24th. Yay!
 (If only I get the ending right. Please let me get the ending right.)

Also, I received a letter from Dorchester Publishing on Friday, saying Sunrise in a Garden of Love and Evil will be translated into German. Yay again!

OK, so I'm not a master photographer,
but this is the Demon Wisteria last week,
in full bloom and looking deceptively pretty (while actually it's choking the life out of some poor hapless tree).

Bwa ha ha! Here it is a week later (after last night's storm --hence all the twigs and sweet gum balls), preparing to strangle my deck chair and anything else it can latch its nasty tendrils onto.

Hard to believe this voracious weed is a cosseted darling in northern climes!