Monday, July 19, 2010

Reading the Signs

No, I'm not talking about reading bones or I-Ching coins or anything remotely woo-woo, although that would probably be more appropriate, seeing as I write paranormal romance, and my characters have a whole slew of strange abilities. I'm talking about foreign languages. I love words--probably one of the reasons I write--and I love them in any language. Just recently, I visited Montreal...

To read the rest, go here. Elisabeth Naughton invited me to participate in the promo for her new release, Entwined, and let me blather on about sign-reading on her blog. She has a great contest going with prizes and all. My post is a ways down the page.


  1. Well now I wish I'd known! I'm in Montreal!

  2. Hi, Deniz! How cool of you to stop by my very sporadic blog. Maybe next time I'm in Montreal we could get together for cafe-au-lait...