Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's time for another fabulous giveaway hop from Reading Romances. A bunch of Harlequin Historical authors (including me) are participating in this one.

To learn more about the Harlequin Historical prizes, go to the Harlequin Historical Authors blog, where Michelle Styles has spelled it all out and set up a rafflecopter for you to enter.

After that, go to Reading Romances and find out about all the other participating blogs and the prizes they're offering.

There are many ways to enter and many prizes to win, so once you've stuffed yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie, hop on over (even thinking about hopping after a turkey dinner makes me maybe roll on over...crawl on over...thank heavens it's all virtual) and enter.

And now I'm off to make Glorified Cabbage and Asparagus Casserole. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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