Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My post at Teatime Tattler, a #giveaway, and coming soon: TRR's summer party

Today I'm the guest of the Bluestocking Belles at their Teatime Tattler. They ask for a piece of original writing, so I had fun doing this one!! It's related to Lady of the Flames, but the character who's speaking is Dunstan Tull, the compiler of an encyclopedia of not-so-mythical beings. Some of his definitions are found at the beginning of my Bayou Gavotte books, which take place 200 years later. I wonder if Dunstan is a time traveler... I'm pretty sure he has visited the house below.

The Old Hall, John Anster Fitzgerald, 1875

Thinking ahead: I will be participating in The Romance Reviews' June party, Sizzling Summer Reads. Lots of prizes!