Sunday, July 12, 2015

Perfection (not) and comfort, aka Mr. Darcy. Also socks.

I'm over at Mari Christie's blog today because recently I watched Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy) and needless to say I loved it. And it was so comforting! I explain why over here at Mari's blog:

Also, I've been meaning for ages to blog about the sock shop we went to while on holiday in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. (Great fun, lots of walking, a fabulous view from the top of one of the mountains.)

Anyway, there's a shop there called The Sock Shop, and it's heaven for a sock freak like me. I mean, just look at that selection! I wanted to buy at least two dozen pairs. (I settled for five -- two were gifts, two are for giveaways, and one is just for me. Unless I give it away.)

Here are my faves that I didn't buy (because they were longer than I usually wear).


This is because I love owls.

This is because I loathe ostriches. (Long story from a safari trip in Swaziland eons ago.) In spite of my violent dislike of those obnoxious birds, I adore these socks.

And here are the hedgehog socks for giveaways.

Fun stuff!

See you over at Mari Christie's blog! Does Mr. Darcy comfort you, too??


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