Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Under a New Year's Enchantment - Release Day

Today is release day (in North America and Australia) for my new novella, Under a New Year's Enchantment. (It won't be out in the UK until February 1st, alas.) It's the sequel to Under a Christmas Spell.

Hampshire, 1816

Garrick, Lord Westerly, has forbidden the hanging of mistletoe, yet the holiday house party at his country estate sizzles with sensual desire. And though Theodora Southern decided long ago never to marry, she enjoys the erotic fantasies that haunt her each night—fantasies featuring her handsome, brooding host….

Since returning from the war, Garrick has been in no mood to celebrate. But suddenly the nightmares that plague him are making way for much more pleasant dreams—dreams in which his childhood friend Theodora is very much a grown woman. The question is, has he fallen in love—or under a wicked spell?

The story picks up where Under a Christmas Spell left off. I had a lot of fun writing it -- for one thing, I got to put in bits and pieces about my current fascination with Ancient Rome -- but it was also a hard slog for me. I made several false starts and did a lot more rewriting than usual. It seems ridiculous that after writing a novella -- not a huge job -- I simply had to take some time off.

But now I'm back again, writing another story in the same universe. I'm using the title The Reluctant Succubus. It's only a placeholder title, but it says a lot about the heroine of the story. ;~)

Are you making any New Year's resolutions? Setting any new goals? I'm still not sure yet -- about both the resolutions (which I don't usually make) and the goals (which I'm too superstitious to put into words).

***Happy New Year!***

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