Monday, January 20, 2014

Visiting Mia Marlowe with a #Giveaway, talking about Roman stuff

Sometimes I put stuff in a story just because I feel like it. Because I find it interesting. That's why I put some Roman ruins and a buried hoard of coins in my new novella, Under a New Year's Enchantment. It turned out that my Regency characters were just as fascinated with the Ancient World as I am--and sometimes, encouraging a mutual interest is a means to get closer in other ways. :~))

Go on over to Mia Marlowe's blog today to read more and comment for a chance to win a download. Mia's giving away free copies of Plaid to the Bone as well, so it's a double giveaway today.

I don't have any pics of ruins or coins, but here I am (in red) at the Doge's Palace in Venice -- about as close as I can come to a Roman pic today. We didn't get to tour the palace during that visit, but I hope to go to Venice again some day.


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